Admission to ISE is open to all students of appropriate age, regardless of race, nationality, religion or first language, who could benefit from the education offered, and for whom the school can provide a suitable education. Interested parents should complete the application form or contact the Admissions Office at or by phone at +372-666-4380.

At ISE grade level placement begins with the student’s age as of the first day of school.  For example a student who is 10 years old on the first day of school would be placed in grade 5.  However, we also consider the previous grade level of the child and other factors.  Because of wide variations in development, home country curriculum and other factors, to ensure the best placement we ask for letters from teachers and copies of school records. Upper school students may be required to take one or more placement tests. When students arrive at ISE, our teachers will carefully observe them during the first weeks at school. Based the teachers’ observations, and in consultation with you, we will determine the student’s final grade placement.