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Student Admission Application
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If Car (driver, caregiver) is selected, please provide the information below.

Lists of Person(s) Child May Leave

Name(s) of any person(s) other than parents with whom child may leave.

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Please note: for security purposes, no child will be permitted to leave with any individual other than those listed above, unless the office is notified in advance.

Health Information

Has your son/daughter:

Support Services

Has your child been tested and/or received support in the following areas?


Reports Attachment

Attach Report cards for the last 2 years.
Documents in language other than English/Estonian/Russian must be translated and accompanied by originals.

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Please note: A complete application accompanied by all the required documentation is the first step to begin the process of Admissions; it does not guarantee a space. Since there are limited spaces, the Admissions Office retains the right to close admissions when necessary. Grade placement of a candidate is determined by the Admissions team.

I / We hereby acknowledge that all the information presented to ISE regarding my son/daughter’s application for admission is true. ISE reserves the right to withdraw an offer of admission or exclude the student from ISE at any future date in the event the information provided is not accurate or important information regarding the student has not been disclosed or has been withheld.

Date: Apr 21, 2019
Date: Apr 21, 2019

In compliance with personal data protection legislation, the data contained in this form will be added to a database. You authorize International School of Estonia (ISE) to use said data exclusively for the management of the admission’s procedures.