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Master Scholarship is to be given to students who have won national academic competitions or who otherwise excel academically in school.  It is awarded at the discretion of the Management Board, who also has discretion as to the amount (%) of the scholarship.

International Futures Scholarship: The International School of Estonia is proud to offer the International Futures Scholarship. This is a merit-based, not needs-based, scholarship. To be eligible a student must have been enrolled for the past three years in a school licensed by the Estonian Ministry of Education – üldhariduskool (general education school – grades 1-12) and offering the Estonian National Curriculum. To apply all students must complete ISE’s normal admissions procedures including an admissions assessment. All eligible students will receive up to a 50% reduction of the registration fee, capital assessment fee and tuition. This reduced rate will continue as long as the student maintains high academic standing at ISE. The number of scholarships is limited based on the overall composition of national groups at the school.

Scholarship for children of teachers in Estonia: 

To qualify for this rate all the following conditions must be met:

  • at least one parent must be employed full-time as a teacher of grades 1-12
  • the parent’s employment must be concurrent with the period of enrollment at ISE
  • the teaching parent must hold a valid teaching certificate/license for at least grades 1-12
  • the school of employment must be licensed by the Estonian Ministry of Education as an üldhariduskool (general education school – grades 1-12)

There is a limit of 2 children per family.
This rate is equal to 1% of the regular tuition rate.
No registration fee and no capital development fees are assessed for new students.
The students must meet ISE’s normal admissions standards.
The number of scholarships is limited.

Other Scholarships:  Needs-based scholarships are selectively given to families whose children are better served at our school due to unique circumstances.  

Diplomatic Missions:  Special rates may apply to preschool and other school fees for Embassy children. Embassies are welcome to inquire.